Installing F10

Fedora 10 was released yesterday (25/Nove/2008). So I downloaded the DVD iso image into my system hard disk. Then I copied the vmlinuz and initrd into the then /boot directory and updated entries for this kernel and initrd in the grub.conf.

Rebooted the machine and selected this kernel to start the F10 installation. Installer asked the source of installation, I gave the path where I saved the DVD iso image. As well as the installer required the install.img file location to be also mentioned. I thought the installer would use the local DVD iso image for installation.

After selecting the partition layout and installer said that the installation required ethernet connection and it tried to connect to fedora mirror sites to get the repository information. Oops, why can’t it use the local DVD image itself? It took some 10-15 minutes to get the repository information. And then it started downloading each packages from network. Imagine the network speed of 384kbps and installing 1384 packages. Even after 15 minutes it had installed only 10 packages. So I need to cancel the installation.

Fedora installer had a nice feature of specifying the local DVD iso image to use as the source of installation. Have they removed this feature from F10 (or I don’t know how to use that feature?).

I need to either burn the DVD or use local NFS based installation to avoid this slow network based install.


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