Whats free?

Recent news says that to celebrate Tamil new year and Pongal festival, TN government decided to give the ingredients required for preparing pongal(sweet) to all ration card holders at no cost (yeah, its free).

So I was thinking what could be given as free in future and they are:

  • For new year(2009), Good Friday and Christmas ingredients needed for preparing cake can be given.
  • For each family member birthday celebrations, ingredients required for preparing a special sweet can be given.
  • For Valentine’s day, Greetings card/small gift items can be given to the lovers
  • For Deepavali, crackers worth of Rs.100 and sweet worth of Rs.100 can be given
  • When a new government swears in, ingredients required to prepare halwa can be given.
  • For Akshay Trithai 0.0000001 gram gold coin can be given
  • For Vinayakar Chathurthi(aka Ganesh Chathurthi) ingredients required to prepare Kozhukkattai can be given
  • For Ayudha pooja season, rice flake and some other items can be given free.
  • For Ramjaan, items needed for preparing Biriyaani can be given
  • For Independence & Republic Day, free electircity can be given to enjoy Television programmes.

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