kmail – issues

Recently I started using Kmail for checking my official mails. I used the ‘disconnected imap’ feature so that I can have a local copy of my entire mailbox. But I faced problems while sending the patches using kmail. Even though the patch is inlined, it was not equivalent to mutt’s way of inlining patches.

I started using mutt. But I was very comfortable with the GUI environment to check mails in different folders. So I decided to use mutt for sending patches while kmail to read mails. Using fetchmail and procmail I have the local copy of mails. So instead of using disconnected imap, I wanted to use the local mbox as the account type in kmail. When I configured kmail to use the local mbox, it creates its own copy in .kde/share/apps/kmail folder. So I have two copies of my mails. Is there any way to specify kmail that ‘hi kmail, don’t take a local copy again, use the mbox itself’

I observed another two issues with kmail.

  1. I use both 32 & 64 bit Fedora distributions on my system. I configured kmail in my 64bit fedora and was using it for a long time. For some reason, I have to boot into 32bit Fedora and at that time kmail was not able to use the 64bit Fedora Kmail’s configuration and every thing was lost. When I booted into 64bit Fedora there also Kmail lost its configuration. So I need to re-start every thing (configure the account and download all mails from IMAP server).
  2. Another strange issue is that if the ~ partition is full, kmail tends to loose the configuration and all mails. So I need to re-start every thing.

Am I the only one facing this kind of problem(s)?



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2 responses to “kmail – issues

  1. Sending patches from kmail works as correctly as it is with mutt. I wish to see what is going wrong for you.

    I have not found a way to prevent kmail from making local copies of mails.

    I have not hit the other two problems.

    • மோகன்

      Hi Sripathi, Thank you very much for the comment.

      I agree that sending patches from Kmail is perfectly al right, but we are inserting the patches where in mutt, we inline the patch.

      So I send the patch from kmail, it would look like:
      [– Attachment #1 –]
      [– Type: text/plain, Encoding: 7bit, Size: 0.1K –]

      That’s the only difference. I hope community will not object this 😛

      // I have not found a way to prevent kmail from making local copies of mails. //
      I wish they could support this feature

      // I have not hit the other two problems. //
      Lucky, I hope you are not using KDE 4.x’s kmail.

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