KDE Bluetooth

Generally I transfer files/songs from my computer to my bluetooth enabled mobile phone Nokia N72. But when I want to do on the otherway, ie to transfer files from my mobile phone to the computer, I faced the problem. Mobile used to say “Connection failed”. When I checked for list of bluetooth packages, every thing was installed on my system.

Then I did yum install *obex*, and now I could transfer files from my mobile phone to system. I wish these obex packages were tagged/related to bluetooth packages, so that I might have not seen this problem at all.



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3 responses to “KDE Bluetooth

  1. சுபாஷ்

    thx for this, its worked with my Nokia 6120c also.

  2. மோகன்

    Hi Subash, Thanks.

    I’m glad that my post was helpful to you 🙂

    Still I am not able to browse the bluetooth mobile phones using konqueror. It used to work with nautilius(gnome) using obex:// protocol, but now its not working in nautilus also (F9)

  3. oh, may be try it on old kernel, may be that will work.
    and do u have any idea to use nokia pc suite n linux ( any way , using wine ?? but i cant setup properly 😦 )

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