Why one has to resign?

Former TN chief minister Jayalalitha’s car was attacked by a mob during her visit to pay homage to freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthuramalingam. So during yesterday’s assembly session, opposition party AIADMK members wanted to discuss about this. As the speaker did not grant the permission to discuss, they did a walk out and demanded Karunanidhi’s regignation for failing to provide the security to Jayalalitha.

What my concern is how an opposition party can ask a Government to resign which is (s)elected by the people. (Though a state Government can be dismissed by Central is a different aspect)

Still I do not understand for what all reasons the opposition parties would ask for a ruling Government to resign. If the same members asked the TN Government to take steps for resolving the issues like Tamil fishermen being killed by the Srilankan Government and civilian tamils being killed by the Srilankan army in Srilanka and if the TN Government fails in this respect, the reason for assking the Govt to resign is atleast acceptable. But the reason for resignation here is the lack of security given to their party leader. They are loyal to the party leader. But there is no hope for being loyal to the people who voted for them.

And so far, I have observed that those (opposition parties) who ask a Government to resign for what so ever reasons, have not resigned when they were ruling (even when they have also undergone similar situations).

More over the current ruling party (DMK), if becomes an opposition party in future (even in past), they would also demand the then ruling party to resign for silly reasons. So there is no difference between DMK or AIADMK. Similarly for Central Government, DMK can be replaced by Congress and AIADMK by BJP. :). For other states, one can substitute with the respective local parties.

My opinion as of now is that, to continue in politics, one would certainly have the following qualities: selective amnesia and no logical thinking.

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